Alex Strologo

I have a strong passion for technology, fashion and entertainment. These industries are attractive to me due to their constant change and innovative nature, which aligns with who I am as an individual. I plan to work in each of these industries throughout my career and will strive to impact each in a positive way.

Entering the professional workforce in its current state excites me. The business world is transitioning towards being more accountable for the action it takes. Whether this is through using sustainable packaging for products or giving back through philanthropic channels, businesses are now realising their power in shaping the world for the decades to come.

What I Do

Social Media Marketing

Through the power of social media your brand can reach audiences you never thought were there. The use of targeted ads and optimised posts to platform identification and content creation, provide endless possibilities for your next campaign.

Website Design and Development

Websites are a powerful tool in showcasing your products/services and brand identity. For this reason it is important that your website is concise and intuitive to your customers. Having a well thought-out website is an invaluable asset to any brand.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Crucial to your websites success is SEO. If done correctly, through the use of elements such as researched keywords and customised link building, you can reap the benefits of advertising without an advertising budget.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM comes into play once SEO has been exhausted. SEM allows you to present targeted ads in search results. This can be particularly powerful if you want your brand to be visible when a certain search term is entered.

Email Marketing

The most under-utilised facet of digital marketing is email marketing. The common misconception being, people don't read their emails. False. The reach and conversion of a well planned email marketing campaign can outperform any other digital marketing tool.


I pride myself on diversifying my skillset. If you are looking for something more, my abilities are not strictly limited to digital marketing. For this reason, I have a customisable package, which allows for exclusive add-ons outside of the tiered offerings.


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